Google Adwords For Fountain Auto Mall

Powerhouse USA is now managing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign through Google Adwords for Fountain Auto Mall, and Fountain Acura,, exclusively.

This search engine marketing tool will boost the dealership’s recognition and subsequent sales numbers in the target market.

The campaign is set up into three different categories: Auto Mall, Acura DMA, and Courtesy Acura Target. Organizing the campaign is the first critical step to ensure success in Google Adwords. Next, each campaign category has subsequent “Adgroups” underneath, specifying what keyword searches go with which text ads. Adgroups for Auto Mall include: Buick, Pontiac, Mitsubishi, New Cars, Used Cars, etc. It is important to be as specific as possible with the Adgroups themselves.

To recap, the structure of the campaign goes like this:

  • Campaign Category
  • Adgroup
  • Keywords and Text Ads

It is important to note that each category has a geographic target, atleast in our campaign for Fountain Auto Mall. We have designed the campaign so that when someone in Orlando searches for an Acura in Orlando, we are highly visible to that consumer. In fact, the goal is to show up as the first listing the consumer sees after the search has been performed on

Fountain Acura is #1 for "Orlando Acura" search!

Fountain Acura is #1 for

Powerhouse USA, Inc. is proud to announce this new interactive services arm to the Powerhouse marketing toolbox for its clients. The internet is the new Yellow Pages, among lots and lots of other things, and everyone knows that when they want to find information or a local business, they don’t find the dusty old yellowpages book– the search for it on google! As marketers, we are crazy if not to take advantage of this new way to reach potential qualified consumers at the point when they are IN the market, searching for information and a vendor to choose their next vehicle.

Powerhouse has also just recently extended these interactive services to several other clients, including Ford of Clermont and Hyundai Lincoln Mercury of Gainesville, . The details of their campaigns and the thought process behind it — coming soon….

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