North Central Florida Car Sales Up

North Central Florida Car Sales Up
by TV20 News Desk · Jun 02nd 2009 · See more Local News


Of all the places to look for signs that the economy might be turning around, automakers are probably far from the top of your list. It might be time to put that blinker signal on though, one car maker’s business is improving, and that goes double for one of their North Central Florida dealerships.
Ford reported a 20% sales increase nationally from April of this year to May. According to Auto Data Corp, General Motors’ sales increased 11 percent, 3 percent for Chrysler. In Gainesville, the Ford dealership says their products actually increased 52 percent in the same time period.
“The consumers are out shopping and we’re getting some really good traffic,” said Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and Hyundai of Gainesville General Manager John Lanza, “customers coming by shopping and I think their confidence level has really risen versus a few months ago.”

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