Internet banner ads most ignored,says Harris Interactive survey

Television Ads Considered Most Helpful to Americans
Internet banner ads most ignored
ROCHESTER, N.Y. – July 1, 2009 – One of the main purposes of advertising is to help
consumers decide what products and services they should buy or use. With so many
different types of advertising being used today the question becomes what types are
considered most helpful, that is they help people decide what products or services to
actually purchase and which ones are most likely to be ignored or disregarded?
These are some of the results of a new AdweekMedia/The Harris Poll of 2,521 adults
surveyed online by Harris Interactive between June 4 and 8, 2009.
What Ads Are Most Helpful?
Over one-third of Americans (37%) say that television ads are most helpful in making
their purchase decision while 17% say newspaper ads are most helpful and 14% say the
same about Internet search engine ads. Radio ads (3%) and Internet banner ads (1%)
are not considered helpful by many people. Over one-quarter of Americans (28%),
however, say that none of these types of advertisements are helpful to them in the
purchase decision making process.
Half of people aged 18-34 (50%) say television ads are most helpful while three in ten
(31%) of those aged 55 and older say they find newspaper ads to be most helpful.
There is also a slight regional difference. Two in five Southerners (40%) say they find
television ads most helpful, while only one-third (33%) of Midwesterners feel the same.
What Ads do People Ignore?
Almost half of Americans (46%) say they tend to ignore Internet banner ads. Much
further down the list are Internet search engine ads (17% of people ignore), television
ads (13%), radio ads (9%), and newspaper ads (6%). One in ten Americans (9%) say
they do not ignore any of these types of ads.
There are age and regional differences. Half of those aged 35-44 (50%) and 51% of
Midwesterners say they ignore Internet banner ads compared to 43% of 18-34 year olds
as well as Easterners and Southerners. One in five Americans 18-34 years old (20%)
say they ignore Internet search engine ads while 20% of those aged 55 and older say
they ignore television ads.
So What?
While advertisers scramble to create their ad campaigns, one thing they need to
remember is that, even if viewership may be down and even with the increased use of
digital video recorders so people can fast forward through commercials, television ads
are the most helpful to consumers. Also, while an Internet strategy is essential for a
comprehensive ad campaign, Internet banner ads are not considered helpful by few and
are ignored the most. People are more likely to ignore ads on their computers but are
more likely to pay attention to those on their television.

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