UPDATE: Cash-for-clunkers auto eligibility list changed

Cash-for-clunkers auto eligibility list changed

By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY
As it prepared for its “cash-for-clunkers” program, the government rejiggered gas mileage figures on about 100 older vehicles last week in a way that changed whether they would be eligible for up to $4,500 in sales inducements.
The Environmental Protection Agency says the changes resulted from a double-check of its fuel-efficiency ratings on more than 30,000 1984 and newer vehicles in advance of the official start of the clunkers program Monday.
About half the 100 suddenly did not qualify because their combined mileage rating was revised upward; others unexpectedly got in.

“As a result of the review, roughly an equal number of vehicles became eligible as those found to be not eligible,” said the EPA in a statement. “Eligibility for about 100 vehicles was affected.”

Car-shopping website Edmunds.com said Monday that it discovered the switcheroo because potential buyers were complaining on its discussion boards.

Some said it made them ineligible at the last minute for car deals they already had on deck.

“We had everything lined up. We had a couple car dealers that had verified our car qualified, and we were ready to purchase a new car this weekend,” wrote one potential buyer, identified on the site as John1152. “But it will not happen now because at the last second the EPA updated the information at their web page for a 1993 Toyota Camry wagon … from 18 mpg to 19 mpg.”

Karl Brauer, editor in chief of Edmunds.com, said, “It’s unfortunate that consumers who had been researching and planning to trade in their vehicle … are now left in the dust.”

To qualify for the $1 billion program aimed at spurring auto sales and driving gas guzzlers off the road, the clunker must have an EPA city-highway “combined” rating of 18 miles per gallon or lower.

Buyers then get a $3,500 incentive if the new car gets 4 to 9 mpg more or $4,500 for 10 mpg or more. The new car also must itself have a minimum 22 mpg combined rating. The program ends Nov. 1, or when the $1 billion runs out.

EPA gave no reason its ratings were inaccurate or why some went up. For the 2008 model year, EPA started revising mileage figures, typically downward, to better reflect real-world driving. For example, a Toyota Prius that had been rated 60 mpg in city driving fell 20% to 48 mpg.

4 responses to “UPDATE: Cash-for-clunkers auto eligibility list changed

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  2. i just sold my old chevy to cash for clunkers it is the one and only way to get rid of junk rides and i bought a cadillac for 3500$ thrhrough http://www.everythinghubsite.com you we see the repo link coolrandom hub

  3. “Cash for clunkers” is a program with the potential for waste for several reasons, but here are two specifics. First, it rewards car buyers who were idiotic enough and distanced enough from the needs of the environment to drive ridiculous vehicles, such as Hummers, Escalades, Navigators, and huge Cadillacs, many of which they can barely park correctly, finance and pay for, or fill their tanks (I’ve seen more than one idiot come into a Sunoco stations and ask for $10 of gas for Hummers!). Secondly, the program does not insist that new buyers purchase American made cars, which should be the point of the entire project. How wise would it have been to simply open up the $1 billion incentive to all Americans with cars two years old or older to simply buy an American car? Brilliant! Such a program could have put more people back to work because American manufacturing would go up. It could have also generated some of the revenue needed for the car companies bailed out with American taxpayer dollars to pay the American taxpayer back. Such a program could have lowered the number of foreign cars on American roads, while also encourage the complete manufacturing of car parts on American soil by American owned companies, which in turn would increase American business revenues, job creation and security in American car parts manufacturing companies, and American owned car service companies. I admire what President Obama is trying to do, but I believe he should pay more attention to the small details that can make all the difference, rather than pandering to the “global” economy. He should be demanding that these types of incentive programs look first to secure and create American jobs for American workers at American companies first. The “cash for clunkers” program is not set up to guarantee American growth, but instead has the potential to take more American money out of the American economy and place it into the hands of Japanese and South Korean car makers’, two countries who don’t really give a damn about America, as long as Americans are making them money, which should not be the end result of an American economic growth program.

  4. This is so typical of a goverment program run by NON-car industry folks. THe concepot of removing older gas-sucking, carbon polluting models while stimulating the econmy is missing half the value of the potential upside. Older vehicles without many fuel-sucking EPA required enhancements get better fuel economy than newer models, hence, you lose the opportunity to stimulate the buyer. Not allowing used car sales into the picture also inhibits potential sales, which in ocurse would help the economy, albeit not FORD,GM and Chrysler. Add to this mess the lack of auditing and inability to properly police dealerships playing typical car dealer games, and your left with … a goverment program that helps some but falls short of it’s potential. for more on Cash for Junkers and other carbuying info http://www.mycarlady.com thanks for your interest, time and attention.

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