Four Ways to Create Your Legacy

Four Ways to Create Your Legacy

Only by changing the way you live will you be able to create the legacy you want to leave, says John C. Maxwell, a leadership expert. Legacies happen when they are deliberately crafted with years of hard work and dedication. Create your own legacy with these experts’ tips:

  1. Identify your strengths. Think of your core strengths, and then talk to colleagues, friends and family members for their insights. Keep a running list and see which strengths come up most frequently. Often, others see our strengths more easily than we do, says gerontologist Ken Dychtwald.
  2. Think about how you spend your time.“Most of us tend to be drawn—either directly or indirectly—to the settings, activities and people that allow us to express our interests,” Dychtwald says. Remember, your legacy should be a labor of love, not a chore.
  3. Write a life sentence. “A life sentence is a statement summarizing the goal and purpose of one’s life,” Maxwell says.
  4. Realize your legacy is based upon what you do today. “For most of us, it is the days of our lives taken as a whole that people remember,” says Chris Widener, a leadership expert. “If you want to be known as a kind person, do something kind every day for the people around you.”

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