Toyota’s pedal supplier says it has a fix, is ramping up output

DETROIT — The supplier that made the pedal modules fingered in a massive recall of Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles said today that it has a fix and is stepping up production at three factories to get new parts to Toyota’s plants.
The parts maker also is working with Toyota on a fix for cars already on the road, the supplier’s CEO said.
Testing by Toyota and supplier CTS Corp., of Elkhart, Ind., identified condensation-related problems as the cause of the automaker’s sticky accelerators, which can cause the gas pedal to return too slowly to its original position or even, with age, to get stuck.
CEO Vinod Khilnani said the new pedal that CTS is building takes care of the condensation problem. “We believe that is the reason for the slow return,” he said in an earnings call today with analysts and the news media.
Khilnani said Toyota and CTS are working to develop a “sleeve” to fix possible problems on Toyota vehicles on the road.
CTS also is building a redesigned pedal that will go to Toyota factories for installation on new cars. CTS will ramp up production and add additional capacity at its three plants.
Calls to Toyota spokesmen weren’t immediately returned.

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