Kill Your Online ID Via ‘Cyber Suicide’

People have been fired for what they post on social networking sites. Some college students said their Facebook and MySpace pages have cost them job offers.

How can you get rid of the virtual path you have made of yourself? Commit “cyber suicide.” is a one-stop site where you can wipe out all your mistakes, all your profiles and virtually disappear in cyberspace.

In a Skype interview, the founders of Suicide Machine, Walter Langelaar and Gordan Savicic, explained how it works.

“The machine logs into your account, changes your profile picture, changes your passwords and then goes into the friends, your tweets, your contact information and starts deleting everything,” they said.

This could take 10 hours per site if you did it on your own. Some sites may still store and own your images and data. Suicide Machine is supposed to totally wipe out your account in less than an hour.

“The funny thing is you get to watch it on your own computer. You can watch your whole profile being emptied,” the Austria-based founders said. “Everything goes into the trash can, we don’t store anything from those profiles. We don’t store information. We’re just using the removal tools available.”

Facebook has noticed and is not happy tools like Suicide Machine can wipe out their system. Facebook served Suicide Machine with a cease and desist order and also blocked the IP address at one point.

For now, Suicide Machine has rerouted traffic, wiping out Facebook profiles once again.

The site gets about 25,000 visitors a day and only about 10 percent are able to commit “cyber suicide” on their first try.

More than 2,000 people have pulled the plug successfully. Nearly 200,000 friends have been “unfriended” and more than 300,000 tweets have been removed since the site launched seven weeks ago.

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