Complimentary Research Report: MarketingSherpa’s Top B2B Tactics for 2010

You know the marketing world is changing – but how quickly, and how should you respond?
One of the best ways to judge the pace of transition that is right for your company is to study your peers. Other B2B companies are asking the same questions that you are; what answers are they coming up with? How much email marketing and what kind of email marketing is right? How much time are they spending on social media? What are they doing in social media? Are they giving up trade shows? MarketingSherpa’s 2010 B2B Benchmark Report provides answers to these questions.

A smart, well-researched report on the state of B2B marketing, this report provides a quantitative look at the tactics your peers are employing in the following areas:
* Email Marketing
* Social Media Marketing
* Website Management and Metrics
* Search Marketing
* Offline Marketing
* Public Relations
* Tradeshows

Download Your Excerpt Now

A large portion of this report, normally several hundred dollars, is available for free download here: The 2009-10 MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Benchmark Report is available for full download with a $100 savings discount from HubSpot here:

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