Facebook Marketing – 10 Easy Peasy Tips Businesses Need to Face

Fri, May 28, 2010

As a company you can create a Facebook Fan Page which gives you a platform to interact with, and attract, new customers. Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a community where everyone can post and learn and exchange ideas. The number of people using Facebook is staggering – 400 million plus – which means there is more than something for everyone. If you have a company fan page, but haven’t really developed it yet, here are 10 simple tips to get you going.

  1. Built it and They Will Come. Not.1
    You need to tell people about your Facebook fan page if you really want to build fans. Put the link on your website and blog and create a nifty Facebook banner or two to post.
  2. Your Picture
    The ideal size for a Faceook fan page image is 200 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.2 For your posts there will be a thumbnail of your image so experiment to get exactly what you want.
  3. Email Invites
    If you have an email list consider sending an email invite to your Facebook page. If you do this you might want to have something special on your page when they get there. Don’t forget to put a Facebook link icon on all your emails.
  4. Fill out your About Us
    Every Facebook fan page has a tab for company information. Make sure to build this out with company information, link to website, and information about your products and services.1
  5. Your Logo
    Consider putting your URL in as part of your logo at the top of your Facebook page so viewers know where your site is.
  6. Content and Keywords
    Provide lots of fresh content that will inform, entertain, educate, and help your customers. And like most areas online, don’t forget to incorporate relevant keywords into your copy.
  7. Encourage Interaction
    Encourage your fans to add their own content and photos so it becomes a community. Invite them and ask them to do things with calls to action.
  8. Respond
    When your fans do post, make the time to respond to their comments, questions and concerns. Remember, this is about community and relationship.
  9. Announce Events
    Use your page to announce events and specials, and to share important happenings – yours, your company’s, and your followers.
  10. Check out your competition
    Cruise through the fan pages of your competition to see what they’re using to get their fans involved.

Facebook is fun. Don’t feel you have to make it complicated or go into it worrying about ROI and numbers. Just put up regular interesting content and try to bring people together who like your products or services. You’re giving them a forum to interact and meet, and maybe learn how to best use your products. Aim to create a community where everyone benefits. There’s time to worry about the numbers later.

Courtesy of nextdayflyers.com

Link: http://www.nextdayflyers.com/blog/facebookmarketing/

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