Social media tips for the rest of 2010

As social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter exploded in 2009, it is apparent that social media has become an integral part of business, marketing, and the way companies function nowadays. As these new opportunities arise, they bring with them new challenges.

  • Don’t just create an account just to have it. Your company needs to stand out among all others and be relevant to today’s consumer.
  • If you see social media as a long term asset to your company. Delegate the work to someone within your company rather than seeking outside help. Who knows the company better than someone who works for it?
  • Now that you’ve experimented with social media, it’s time to see what it has actually done for you. Consider social media ROI as a major priority. On that note, determine which sites work best for your company. Rather than creating ten social media sites and not dedicating your time to updating all of them, pick a few that will really help bring your business to the next level.
  • Social media is a great way to foster new relationships, but think about how you will maintain those relationships for an extended period of time.

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