The List: 15 networking sites for small businesses

Twitter and Facebook are two social networking sites that have grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Many businesses big or small utilize these sites and incorporate them as apart of their marketing platform to start discussions and gain connections. However, for smaller businesses, it is wise to consider other social networking sites as well. These will help you connect with people in a smaller and local setting.

  • PartnerUp: allows business owners to find partners and expertise to start or expand a current business
  • Ryze: designed to link new entrepreneurs together
  • Meet the Boss: a business networking tool for business executives all around the world
  • LinkedIn: extends your list of professional contacts and allows you to build an online resume
  • Qapacity: allows owners to promote their business online and keep their partners and clients up to date with their current work
  • Yelp: a local business review site including recommendations
  • FledgeWing: an online community aimed at entrepreneurial business students
  • Xing: a social platform for enabling a small world network for professionals
  • Talkbiznow: an interactive business networking site
  • Cofoundr: a private social network for individuals involved in starting new business ventures
  • The Funded: enables entrepreneurs to research, rate, and review, venture capital sources worldwide
  • Entrepreneur Connect: a destination where entrepreneurs can exchange real world advice
  • Biznik: a local, independent, entrepreneurial community
  • Perfect Business: helps entrepreneurial launch and grow their businesses
  • Startup Nation: provides real world business advice to people who want to start a business or expand their small business

Good luck and remember to take advantage of the free social networking sites in order to enhance your current marketing plan.


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