What to Expect From the New Twitter

Twitter has introduced their new layout, which makes the first major makeover in Twitter’s history. The new version of the Twitter site is now available to some users and should be available to others within the next few weeks. Here are just a few changes users can expect to see with the new layout.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: A few keyboard shortcuts have been added to make using Twitter faster and easier. Pressing the “r” key will allow you to reply, the “.” will refresh and show the latest tweets, and the “f” key will allow you to mark a tweet as a favorite.
  • No more “More”: Instead of reading all recent tweets and having to click on “more” to view the earlier posts, the new Twitter loads past tweets as you scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • New Profile Display: Twitter profile displays are no longer a one column layout. By clicking on a username, the profile will appear in the left column of the new two-column design.
  • Embedded Photos: Pictures hosted on photo hosting sites such as Flickr and Twitpic will automatically be embedded to the tweet.
  • Embedded Videos: You can also view videos directly on the Twitter site. Tweets that reference videos hosted by Vimeo and YouTube will automatically load the video in a tweet..
  • Tweet Context: You view everything in on location. Keeping track a tweet’s activity, including retweets and replies, is now an easier task.

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