Things You Can Learn From Your Dog That Will Help Your Career

These days, people will go just about anywhere in search of inspiration and guidance, especially when it comes to how to behave at work. However, people don’t need to look too far to find what we’re looking for. Here are some traits we can learn from man’s best friend.

Dogs never complain about when their sleep is interrupted. Although dogs enjoy sleep as much as humans do, dogs embrace the times that they are woken up and no matter what time it is, they are ready for action.

Dogs are never bothered by having to move, no matter how comfortable they may be. Security and certainty are illusions. Whether you work for someone or for yourself, whether you are rich or poor, living in society, or a hermit, there is no safe haven.

He only cares about the things you say to him and not what you say about him. Dogs pay more attention to how you act towards them rather than what you may think of him. To your dog, your opinions are not important making it very difficult for him to take offense to what you have to say. He loves it when you praise him and cares about what counts for him right now.

He’s there for you – not for you to help him self-actualize. Dogs are loyal to their owners. Just because your employer is interested in what you have to offer him, doesn’t automatically make you co-dependent or a slave. Search for what satisfies your needs and where you can go to get it. However, be dedicated while you are at work. It isn’t always about you.

Everything and everybody has to pass the smell test. Does everything add up? Does it smell right? Is something just not right? You’ve seen dogs gather around a robust, highly textured data with his sense of smell. You can use yours too to figure things out.



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