Predictions for social networks in 2011

2010 was without a doubt a great year for social networking sites. Facebook conquered the web leaving sites like My Space far behind in the dust.  Twitter and LinkedIn have continued to grow accordingly and are now more popular than ever.  So what will 2011 bring? What’s next? Will Facebook remain the king or will another network come in and take over?

Google’s social networking efforts continue to be unsuccessful

As Google dominates search and strives for speed and efficiency, their attempts at tackling social media have been less than sub-par. In 2010, Google Wave was shut down and Google Buzz did not fair well either. However, their strong points in 2011 will remain in their mobile and search abilities and YouTube of course.

My Space is gone

Back in the day, we all used My Space. So what happened? Despite a total makeover, the social networking site continues to plummet. The prediction for 2011: the site will fall into the right hands and become a valuable asset with the right direction.

No Facebook IPO

As long as the company’s growth metrics are strong, there will be no need for public markets. Prediction for 2011? Facebook will remain the same.


Twitter received a new face towards the end of 2010. What’s the prediction for 2011? Twitter will focus on what they’re currently doing and launch new features to promote just that. A steady year ahead.

So what WILL become all the rage in 2011? While Flickr and Facebook dominate when it comes to social photography, mobile photography will take over as the year goes on. Apps like Instagram, PicPlz, and DailyBooth will push the trend even further.



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