Protect Your Investment: How to make social media work for you

Unlike the past, when most communication between dealers and customers was one way, today you have the opportunity to participate in the conversation. You and your customer can talk, listen, connect to, and learn from one another. The longer this conversation goes, the stronger the bond you create. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Engage customers wherever they are looking for information that will inform their buying decision. Even after they’ve made a purchase, they’re already processing information for their next purchase. Stay in touch.
  • The sale doesn’t stop at the showroom door. Build your post-sale relationship by linking your customer to your other profit centers. A positive service experience will keep your dealership top-of-mind.
  • Customers are going to post reviews about your dealership—some positive and some negative. The important thing for you is to have a mechanism to capture and respond to that feedback in order to address your detractors while giving your fans a forum to express themselves.
  • Push relevant content—not just inventory—to search engines and social networks to position your dealership as the trusted expert, and pull customers into your brand.
  • Use multimedia to demonstrate what you’re doing for the community to cast your brand in a positive light.
  • Happy customers are powerful, highly authentic and compelling marketing tools.
  • When you invest in social media, track the performance of that investment. Benchmark your reputation and track it over time.

Making social media work for you may not look easy. But with the right tools it can be. By building relationships with your customers online, you can profit from the social media revolution and turn it into a powerful revenue generator for your dealership.


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