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Apps Take Over

Android and iPhones, the two leading smartphones of today are now being offered apps by companies such as cars.com that will allow the user to view features almost identical to it’s website. Key features include search, vehicle listings (with photos) and dealer locator including maps and directions. Ready-to-buy shoppers can have all of this information sent to their phone by simply clicking a button on the cars.com website.

There’s no doubt that we will see more companies enabling their sites to become ‘mobile-optimized’ in the very near future. With statistics pointing to 45% of phone buyers looking to purchase smartphones, apps like this one will have no problem increasing their company’s sales in a growing digital community with this kind of information at their fingertips.

Media Trends: Where they are now, and what to expect

Vocus, a company specializing in PR Management has recently shared their research on the media world and what to expect this upcoming year. From television, newspaper, radio and magazine specialists, keep an eye out for some of these interesting trends coming up:


As we all know, mobile platforms are fast growing and we can expect 20% of Americans to have a tablet such as Nook, iPad, etc. by 2014. Therefore, magazine applications will begin to explode this year.


Hundreds of online news sites have been launched recently. Patch.com by aol have launched hundreds of their news sites this past year. New York Times has started the implementation of Paywalls where subscribers pay for their individualized news source. Additionally, a newspaper has come out exclusively to iPad owners called “The Daily.” Newsroom cafes are a hot trend we have also seen, allowing interaction between reporters and readers.


There has been a rise in early morning newscasts as well as growth in social media updates on our TV news sources. Broadcasters are also offering more and more iTunes apps to bring their news straight to you. Another trend to look forward to is 3D television. Although limited to certain channels for now, we can expect an increase in these three-dimensional options to fly our way.


Radio is going mobile! With apps, podcasts and Internet radio such as Pandora and Last FM, radio listening habits are increasing. We can continue to look forward to bringing our radio with us while we aren’t listening in our cars.