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Hyundai Does Well in J.D. Power INITIAL QUALITY STUDY

Hyundai Does Well in J.D. Power IQS; Lexus Back on Top

By Jim Henry | June 23rd, 2009 @ 7:21 am

Time for a brief flurry of reporting and analysis of the 2009 J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study, after which the results will sink from public view for another year, except for advertising blurbs, which many consumers discount anyway.

It’s too bad there’s so much spin control, profiteering and drum-beating surrounding J.D. Power surveys, because the results really do provide some sort of reflection, however distorted, of how car companies are doing at pleasing their customers.

Here’s my short list of noteworthy IQS results, which were released June 22:

Lexus is back in the No. 1 position. This represents “The World Turned Right-Side Up,” since Lexus has aced IQS almost since its debut 20 years ago. Lexus fell to No. 3 last year, behind Porsche and Infiniti.

Hyundai was No. 4, and the leading non-luxury brand, which Hyundai will be quick to promote, assuming Hyundai is willing to pay J.D. Power’s eye-watering fee for using the results in advertising. Hyundai is on a roll in the United States, but its sister Kia division has some catching up to do.

Ford and Chevrolet came within an ace of reaching the 100 Problems Per 100 Vehicles benchmark, which was once owned pretty much exclusively by Lexus. It will take years of water dripping on a stone for U.S. brands to wear down their reputation for poor quality, but at least they’re moving in the right direction.

Yesterday’s J.D. Power press release – which goes a long way towards spinning news coverage of the results – highlighted improved scores for domestic brands, despite the turmoil in Detroit.

For all its flaws, IQS is at least some sort of third-party measurement of quality. As such, it’s way ahead of whatever quality measures the car companies would provide to the public if it were up to them.

To read the car company pronouncements, you would think that IQS was like Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average.

But over time, the survey results really do affect products, and the car companies really do want to score well. After the short-lived hoopla dies down, auto industry quality gnomes will dissect the results and the results for their competitors and keep chipping away, deep under the auto industry mountains.



At PowerHouse, we had a big day in production to get new television spots ready and on the air for October!

This morning, we met with Jerry Smith at WFTV ABC 7 www.wftv.com to edit footage for Longwood Lincoln Mercury www.longwoodlm.com for October. We have created a great campaign entitled “Leadership has its advantages.” The idea is that Longwood is the leader in central Florida for Lincoln and Mercury luxury vehicles. New incentives came down today for the Lincoln MKX, MKZ, and the all new MKS, as well as Mercury Mountaineer, Mariner, and Milan. We edited the television spots to include value-driven leasing price point and featured cars in the dealership showroom. The effect was amazing! The production staff at WFTV is superb– hands on, dedicated, with an attention to detail unsurpassed by others.

While at WFTV, we were also in post-production for Hyundai Lincoln Mercury of Gainesville, www.gvilleauto.com On Tuesday, we shot new production footage in Gainesville with Amber, our new spokesmodel for www.GVILLEAUTO.COM For these television spots to air on WOGX in Ocala/Gainesville, we created price points for the Hyundai Sonata, Lincoln MKZ, and Mercury Grand Marquis.

Also today we were in post-production for Deland Toyota Scion, www.delandtoyota.com for October. These television spots will air on WOFL Fox 35. We shot them yesterday at the Fox Studios in Lake Mary, FL. I am also the talent and spokesmodel for Deland Toyota… Memorizing scripts, being on camera, and editing your own footage in post-production is quite interesting! I guess we truly do it all over here at Powerhouse USA!

I sent pictures of Amber to John Lanza, general manager for Hyundai Lincoln Mercury of Gainesville this afternoon so that he could incorporate her into his newspaper ads for the dealership. The best thing a client can do to build recognition of his store is to seamlessly incorporate his talent into all facets of his advertising endeavors. In this way, the consumer recognizes Amber on tv, sees her in the newspaper, hears her on the radio, sees her on a billboard for www.gvilleauto.com and remembers the dealership in the future. Top of mind awareness for a dealer is the best way to remind the consumer you’re out there and ready to provide them with a sound experience and stellar investment.

For Seminole Powersports today, www.seminolepowersports.com, I created a postcard for the store that will be distributed at all the biketoberfest events going on during central Florida in October. October is a great month for lifestyle marketing, especially for sport bikes, cruisers, and ATV’s as these categories tend to cross over in most active lifestyles. On one side of the postcard, we put the general flyer image for SPS, with contact and map information as well as main brands and styles of bikes. On the back, we added contact information and coupons. The coupons can only be used in the store if the consumer fills out the customer contact information. In this way, we are rewarding the consumer for their information by giving them awesome coupons– like $100 gift certificate with purchase of any new or used motorcycle, or $15 dyno that includes 2 horsepower pulls! WOW. We will use this database of customer information in the future to let them know of special offers and bring them back to the store as repeat customers. There’s nothing better than building a strong relationship with potential customers from the first handshake.

WOW! What else did we do today???

I think that’s it! It’s time for some dinner with the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau– who knows what’s in store for Powerhouse next– maybe some Georgia business?