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Have you heard of Quora?

Quora is a search engine getting a lot of buzz lately. Once you register, this question-answer site can provide you with some great opportunities… but it also has it’s flaws. Here’s our brief review:

Ideas for market research will flow while using Quora. This is because the feedback you will get from viewers will enable you to focus on targeting your audience’s interests rather than something that may only interest you. The site deems the most accurate and helpful answer “The Best Answer” and gives a similar title to the experts on the site that continually give useful answers. A user then has the ability to network and pick the brain of these experts. From there, we would like to think that the real benefit of using Quora isn’t in fact the question-answer feature, but the networking opportunities with those in it’s community.

Now, on to the flaws of this new social media outlet. Aside from the many ‘stupid’ questions littering the site, Quora is big in self-promotion. As you can imagine, those with accounts involved in business are looking for traffic and therefore all of the information they supply comes from their angle. “Information only” is something that this site hasn’t mastered yet.

So, in the end Quora proves to be a Wikipedia/LinkedIn Answers mash-up with a few flaws. We’ll have to wait and see if it blows up anytime soon.

Twitter Buyout?

Rumor has it that Twitter has been negotiating a potential sale to Google or Facebook. Wall Street Journal reports Twitter being worth between $8 billion and $10 billion dollars and it is questionable as to whether either of these companies would be willing to buy Twitter while forums everywhere are buzzing about this microblogging site being ‘overvalued’.

These talks haven’t really gotten anywhere thus far, but we’ll all be sure to stay tuned in on the situation.

Promoting your blog

Thousands of blogs are started each and every day whether they are for business or personal reasons. Setting up the blog and writing entries is only the easy part though. There are many important steps to take when it comes to marketing your blog and letting internet users know that it exists. One of the best ways to do so is to produce great content, post often, and share through various social networking sites and email. Below, you will find a list of some other noteworthy tips to help you get started.

  • Write a press release and send to relevant readers
  • Add a link to your website- especially if it’s a company blog
  • Submit to blog directories
  • Consider guest posting. This can be useful if there are other useful blogs in your industry
  • Add a link to your blog in your email signature
  • Have a company newsletter? Announce it
  • Most importantly, network!

Vanityvids replacing Facebook pics

Vanityvid, a new Israel-based startup understood that sometimes profile texts and images can’t adequately represent you on your social networking sites, this is why they are allowing users the opportunity to replace their conventional images with videos.

Users that want to start recording or uploading their videos can do so on the Vanityvid website. If you want to see other users’ videos you must install a Vanityvid  browser add-on.

Vanityvid could definitely be used to transform a traditional social networking site into an exceptional social experience. Likewise, business professionals could also use this new tool to enhance their company or product branding. The possibilities are endless as the new technology begins to spread.