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Have you heard of Quora?

Quora is a search engine getting a lot of buzz lately. Once you register, this question-answer site can provide you with some great opportunities… but it also has it’s flaws. Here’s our brief review:

Ideas for market research will flow while using Quora. This is because the feedback you will get from viewers will enable you to focus on targeting your audience’s interests rather than something that may only interest you. The site deems the most accurate and helpful answer “The Best Answer” and gives a similar title to the experts on the site that continually give useful answers. A user then has the ability to network and pick the brain of these experts. From there, we would like to think that the real benefit of using Quora isn’t in fact the question-answer feature, but the networking opportunities with those in it’s community.

Now, on to the flaws of this new social media outlet. Aside from the many ‘stupid’ questions littering the site, Quora is big in self-promotion. As you can imagine, those with accounts involved in business are looking for traffic and therefore all of the information they supply comes from their angle. “Information only” is something that this site hasn’t mastered yet.

So, in the end Quora proves to be a Wikipedia/LinkedIn Answers mash-up with a few flaws. We’ll have to wait and see if it blows up anytime soon.